BestMassage Blue 34” Wide 77” Long Professional Portable Massage Table Review

I was amazed to find out that this portable massage table is considerably just priced right but the features and functions it entails do have a great job ahead of any brand of its type. I have been looking for this type of massage table with just the right tag price and functionality for over a month. My search just got ended.

The BestMassage Blue 34” wide 77” long professional portable massage table is cozy yet sturdy and really affordable. My hubby works Monday to Friday as coach of a local school’s basketball team and my 17 year old son is a fine varsity volleyball player in downtown High School.

They both complain of back pain and muscle cramps whenever they got home during the evening. So, I gave them some mild massage while sitting in a stool. They find it uncomfortable and do not give them any satisfaction. They just not want to lie on the floor.

My best friend suggested to me this Best Massage blue portable massage table. And on my hubby’s 44th birthday, I surprised him with this. They just can’t wait to try it. They immediately open the package and set it up within minutes and I became a masseur instantly on that very day!

I guess I got a big bargain for these features

  • The table is really 77 inches long and 34 inches wide, just as advertised. This gives my hubby and son a lot of space and it feels very comfortable for them even if they do quick-turning, there is no possibility of falling off the table.
  • Height could be adjusted from 26 to 36 inches. I use the 30 inch height so that I could hop in and give their back foot massage. They just love it!
  • The table could carry 550 lbs. of live weight.
  • The foam pad is 3 inches thick made of leather and its frame is made of birch wood which is thicker than other brands of the same type. My son loves the softness, he actually thinks it is a bed; he always fell asleep during the massage.
  • Some accessories are: free adjustable headrest, free face pillow, and free hanging arm shelf.
  • It has a carrying case bag for portability. The strap is only for shoulders. It does not have hand handles.
  • The frame is tightly supported by guy wires so tough; I guess it could last a lifetime.

Big bargain may sometimes cause small burdens

  • The massage table is so heavy; I have difficulty moving it outside of the house when I am alone. The shipping weight says the whole package weighs 80 lbs. so; the table alone probably weighs more than 50 lbs. There is no indicated net weight, though.

How then could I conclude the performance comparing with its price?

For a housewife like me, I could say that this product is well affordable. The performance exceeded what I have expected. Some questions about its integrity could be settled as this massage table outnumbered its negative feedback by its positive outcome. Kudos to the makers of this awesome table! I could give this a 5-star rating and highly recommended for budget thinking wives!

One more, if ever I could have the opportunity to set-up a massage clinic (I guess I have mastered the “art” of body massage), I will certainly start to accumulate a “fleet” of this portable and ever reliable Best Massage Blue massage tables.

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