Master Massage 31” Santana Therma Top LX Portable Massage Table Review

I used to service and massage people with a high degree of rheumatism and this Master Massage Santana portable massage table is such an awesome relief.

I am a 32 years old lady, 5’5’’ tall and my old massage table was made of fiber glass frame, and it broke down years ago as I found it too brittle to handle two persons at a time.

 I used to massage my clients’ back with my foot, sometimes my feet at the same time while I stand for extensive work out on backache. The massage table has to be strong to withstand hard presses and excessive lateral force. Then I found this Master Massage 31” Santana Therma Top LX portable massage table package while surfing the net.

This table does not only allow hard-press massage for rheumatic patients, but it also heats up their bodies to increase blood flow. And this is just perfect for my trade! The price is just quite steep for my budget, but the long-term use recuperated my investment.

These are just great features!   

  • The massage table could support up to 1,500 lbs. of weight.
  • It has a built-in EMR safe Therma-top heated massage table that could provide warm sensation to patients’ body.
  • Could be assembled and disassembled in less than 40 minutes (at least that is the time it took me during my sessions).
  • The table could be laid down entirely on the floor because of its “Shiatsu Cable Release” system feature.
  • The frame is made from hardwood elm and finished in high-gloss Dura seal paint. It is immaculately smooth and seamless. And it is odorless.
  • The massage table’s feet is non-skid and stay on the ground no matter how heavy or live weight is applied because of its non-marking foot-pads feature.
  • Height is adjustable from 22 inches to 33 inches.
  • Table length is 84 inches; with a very wide table surface (31 inches) and this add comfort to clients seeking free movement while they enjoy the massage.
  • It has a spa music CD pack, free as accessory.
  • The table cushion is a 3 inch multi-layer small cell-foam including a great layer of memory foam.
  • I really like this one: it is equipped with a shoulder-carrying bag; this one makes my job quite enjoyable. I could carry single-handedly the folded table in the bag 6 floors from the ground when client lives in a high-rise apartment. I do not use elevators, though.
  • Product weight is just 40 lbs. This weight is just normal for me; I could really lug the unfolded table with ease in mobility.

There are so many other features included in this magnificent massage table; the ones mentioned above are just my favorites. But all could not end well like fairy tales; some could really be frustrating sometimes.

This massage table does have weaknesses

  • The heating element sometimes heats only half of the table; I have to turn patients to the other half after a short time. I have emailed Amazon about this and they have yet to respond.
  • The squeaking sounds sometimes are annoying; I have to buy maintenance oil to keep the sounds off.

What is then the final verdict?

The price of this portable massage table could be considered affordable for me because I could use it as a tool for my profession but the price could be steep for ordinary users. Minor issues is not considered a problem after all.

I have adjusted my fee for a few dollars since I used this massage table, and my clients have no regrets, they enjoy the features. I am just two clients short before I could recover my investment.

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