The top 10 portable massage table trending today

1. BestMassage Black 77″ Long 28″ Wide 3″ Pad Professional Series Portable Massage Table

No wonder that the look says it all. With a more stable footprint, this fits your budget and makes it ideal for anyone who wants the real experience of a massage. It has a removable and adjustable face cradle. Fitted with 3 inch high density foam along with durable PU leather, it ensures a waterproof and oil resistant cover. Let’s talk about the length, width and height of this super posh table. It offers a length of 77 inches, height 23-32 inches and width 28 inches. The height can be adjusted accordingly.

Don’t worry about the colors. You will get a variety of colors like blue, cream, purple, pink and burgundy. The weight of the table is somewhere around 40 pounds. This table tops the list as there are many things that can be adjustable. As already discussed you can adjust the height and at the same time you may remove the arm rest.

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2. Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

The beach maple hardwood collection is its main attraction of durability. The best part is the foldable feature of the table. The 2.5 inch high density foam is enough to give you the comfort you need during any exercise or massage. It has an adjustable face cradle, forward swinging cradle, and a carry bag with shoulder strap. It is additionally offering two half round bolsters for better support and comfort. Let not your arm feel the pain of discomfort. The Sierra massage table exactly knows what its customers want and is giving you two side armrests.

Don’t worry about pouring too much oil as it guarantees waterproof and oil resistant deck. Again, no tools are required for the set-up. The table can be fixed by anyone! It has an adjustable height of 23-33 inch and length 82 inch. It is basically 38 long x 28 Wide x 7 Thick.

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3. Portable Reiki Massage Table Tattoo Spa Beauty Facial Bed Supply Chair U3MB

Now this is a table that goes easy on your pocket and is suitable for anyone who wants the feeling of a real and a professional massage. The look says it all and you will be showered with positive comments. With a weight limit of 450lb, this massage table is made of birch to offer professional strength. It has 2 inch high density padding and has an adjustable height of 26-36 inches. It is both waterproof and oil resistant. The table has a length of 72 inches and a width of 28 inches. It actually suffices the requirement in the budget.

Thinking about the foldable feature? Well yes, this massage table offers the foldable feature and comes with a free carry case. Like other massage tables, you get the headrest and the armrest facility here too. It is definitely a good bargain and should be tried by everyone to experience the goodness of a massage!

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4. BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

The two fold burgundy portable massage table by BestMassage is truly a delight for massage enthusiast. It is also quite conducive to masseur as this table is really so strong, both persons could be carried (in case of a thorough massage on the back is needed) by this portable massage table without squeaking or bending the middle part. And it is priced really low. That is what you call a real bargain!

For commercial purposes, say a spa parlor, this table could endure the effects of consecutive use in a day. That is one feature an owner must consider, multiple utility of this kind of table massage in such a long period of time and remain unscathed is a feat of its own. Investment could really be feasible.

While for home use, family members who are overweight could still share this low price, high quality massage table, just follow the capacity limit which is 450 lbs.

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5. BestMassage Premium All Inclusive Complete Portable Massage Table Package

This massage table is one of most affordable in the market today. How about its quality? You could possibly test its performance visually, or as is written from testimonies or reviews of those who already are using this massage table, before you decide to purchase this one.

The manufacturer warrants this product up to 5 years on parts and services. However, you must be cautious that damage or malfunctioning parts shall not be the fault of users before you qualify for warranties. BestMassage is one of the most respected manufacturers and distributor of this kind of products and it is not surprising that minimal negative reviews regarding its parts are said against them.

This is also one basis for your decision to focus on BestMassage Premium portable massage table. The features are not quite loaded compared to high-priced brands, but this may bring awesome results to give your body big boost in eternal relaxation.

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6. Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package

This package of Earthlite Harmony portable massage table is amazing! Despite its affordable price, the product boosts of aircraft-grade and lightweight birch decking. What does this mean? It means that bracing and cabling materials are made from elements found in manufacturing aircraft but so light they do not add much to the weight.

The wooden frame is made from hard Maple wood, and combined it with the above materials for bracing; you come up with a sturdy yet very light integration of metal and wood. What a brilliant idea!

Good massage is not only ideal for therapeutic purposes; it is also medically proven to induce sound sleep for persons with sleep disorder. It is only natural to have an even, yet soft to the body surfaces to enhance the effects of stroking on the whole parts of the body.

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7. Sierra Comfort Relax Portable Massage Table, Black

Current survey among massage therapists indicates that they prefer to do therapeutic body massage when they could manipulate the patients in all directions and positions. This means that, a good massage is a result of rubbing their hands in almost all parts of the body of patients with different hand-strokes.

The Sierra Comfort portable massage table has a feature in which it could adjust the face-cradle, up and down, to massage the back and chest at the same time. This gives a terrific sensation for patients suffering from pains on those parts of the body. Only a handful of this type of feature could be had in other products.

This portable massage table is also priced lower than its competitor of the same category. No wonder that it is listed as one of the leading brands in Amazon for the past weeks. Current users might be rejoicing now as if they hit a jackpot!

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8. BestMassage Black Reiki Portable Massage Table (available also in Burgundy, Cream, Blue, Purple and Pink)

The BestMassage Black Reiki massage table is one of the cheapest of its kind of portable massage tables available online. We could give you a preview on how it came to be.

This portable massage table comes in various colors. Although not full-packed with features, the table boosts of a 450 lbs. capacity. The width is quite narrow at 27 inches, nevertheless, it has double hanging arm shelf for big shouldered guys.

You might be surprise of the very low price; we may not know the reasons behind it, but many reviewers find this not low quality, you could be thankful to the manufacturer. But, is it a good training ground if you want to start pursuing a great career out of massaging? Technically, yes!

Basic knowledge on the massage trade need not be expensive, also the tools for it to become a reality. Wooden parts are not as thick as higher price brands, but the toughness and durability could be attained below its weight capacity, just as good for personal use.

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9. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

This SierraComfort brand of portable massage table is so affordable, owning one may not cost you a fortune, but it will certainly cost you a lot of loss fat and cellulites. Its 100% cotton-fitted sheets are so soft; you could imagine you are lying on a soft pillow while you are undergoing a massage. Some of the accessories you would find very useful are the towel hanger and an oil pouch.

Those accessories lets you and your masseur to start the session immediately after you have assembled the portable massage table and you will not need any other tools that come with a heavenly message. All are there!

Since the portable massage table could be movable, you might want to install it feet away from walls (2 feet is enough) so that your masseur could have a 360-degree movement around the table. If you own this one, you are like owning a private spa because of its versatility.

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10. Salinoture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case, Black

This portable massage table made by Saloniture is also priced much lower than its competitors on the same capacity. But it is not meant of a bad reputation. Keep on reading.

This folding massage table prides itself of double tension knobs on all legs for additional integrity unavailable with its contemporaries in the business. Not a bad idea, considering they reinforced the legs to make it more subtle and durable.

Added to it, almost all of its accessories are detachable. You could transport the massage table anywhere and left behind what are not specifically needed; hence you lighten the load or put the detached accessories in separate container and retrieve them only when needed. Clever, isn’t it?

The Salinoture Professional folding massage table though has 2-inch padding, thinner than most of the models, but other therapists find this thickness much conducive to the patients as the stroke of the hands is deeply absorbed by the body and not by the padding, and that are for patients that prefer more rugged table surface.

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