Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table Review

My wife and I want to have some relaxing massage at least 2 times a week when we both got home after an exhausting work. We take turns massaging each other in our little sofa. It was so uncomfortable; we ended up both exhausted, with more aching joints and unsatisfied. We felt that our backs must have the right surface for the message, and I hate to hit the deck!

We manage to do this scenario until I have come by an Amazon posting on the web advertising this Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table. I do not have second thought when I saw the features and price. I told my wife that we could afford it, and at the speed of sound, we ordered one right there and then!

We have the best body-stretch since then

The features of this portable massage table are accurately described in Amazon. My wife and I were quite amazed! What we like the most are the following:

  • It is water and oil resistant, so those things won’t stick or stay. Just back and forth wiping and the session continue without the fuss.
  • The frame and body is made of beach maple wood, making it lightweight.
  • My frame (I am 5’ 10”) easily fits with its 72 inches table length and 28 inches wide. The adjustable height also conforms to my wife’s petite frame (she is 5’ 0”). We adjust it at the maximum height of 33 inches if it’s my turn to massage my wife. Then lowered it at its minimum height of 23 inches when it’s my turn to lie down, so that my wife could easily reach my back. What an adventurous division of labor!
  • The all-inclusive massage bundle has a 2.5 inch thick foam deck that keeps both of us comfortable while lying smoothly into it.
  • The table has some special features and we found them so useful: removable facial cradle, arm supports, an armrest and guy wires supporting the table (it is coated, I presumed) for added strength and durability.
  • It has a carrying bag, and mind you, it is so lightweight, I could carry it to my shoulder when we want massage outside of the house. Very versatile, indeed!
  • Setting it up anywhere is so easy; you don’t need tools to do it.
  • The massage table could be widened along with its arm support.
  • The price is just right.

We have just some negative comments

It was just almost perfectly heavenly for this portable massage table, except for some negative vibes. Although we found them to be minor issues, maybe Amazon should look into these “not so big” queries:

  • The added full set of fitted sheets shrunk when it was washed! And it does not fit at the table since. It says that the sheet is 100% cotton, we doubt it!
  • The package does not have instructions for assembly, maintenance and other special instructions. We thought that it was misplaced during packaging or during transport, but we really can’t find it.

So, how do we rate this massage table?

We don’t own this kind of massage table before, but we could surely assess its performance based on our experience on it while me and wife practically tortured-test this fairly-priced product. All in all we could probably rate the Sierra Comfort portable massage table from a scale of 1 to 10, an 8 (10 being the highest).

Its affordable price, the accessories and durability made this product highly recommended for home use. Some glitches could be worked out; finding such a product with a wide range of uses is sometimes a rarity today.

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