Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package Review

I am a register chiropractor practicing my trade for more than a year now. I have been doing my practice on call. Meaning, clients call me whenever they need massage and some bone-enhancing stretches, on the comfort of their home.

My problem is: I sometimes do my thing on sofas, floors and worst, on chairs. I can’t possibly give my best on these surfaces. I need sturdy and yet portable massage table that I could bring anywhere. Friends used to tell me to surf the net for that kind of table, but I can’t find one that suit my needs.

But lo and behold! One day when I am searching something on the web, this product pops up in one corner:  Earthlite Avalone XD Portable Massage Table Package. I quickly look at it and found that it could hold or carry 750 lbs. of weight. It was perfect! That is what I am looking for!

You see, I used to massage clients while I am on top of them, which are what chiropractors normally do. We do intensive bone-enhancing therapies. I am 200 lbs., 6’ 1” male, and if my client weighs the same as me, the table is more than enough to carry us both. The massage table is just perfect, I ordered immediately. That was what I am looking for.

I have not read some features, but shocked when I received the package

I was too excited, I did not notice some info, but the price was just affordable. My excitement just brought joy and additional income to me. I never realized that the package has a carry-on bag; I could now transport my table anywhere and set it up under 20 minutes. These are the other wonderful features:

  • Has a 2 ¾ inches thick, CFC free foam pads memory cushion system; my clients really love the additional softness.
  • Has matching memory foam Crescent Cushion and single pocket carry case.
  • The Avalon XD’s frame is made from Russian solid maple hard wood, that’s why it’s tough, and it is reinforced with metal cables.
  • Has a patented mid-brace, cradle-lock cabling system, and it does not vibrate or sway even I press hard on my clients. Really amazing!
  • Table length is 73 inches, and 30 inches wide, so wide, I have still space on the sides to put my knees on.
  • The height could be adjusted from 23 to 33 inches.
  • The product weight when on the bag is just 34 lbs. that is why I could grab it easily when clients call. If assembling took me less than 20 minutes, it took me just half of it during disassembly.
  • The headrest could be reversible, meaning; both sides have holes for the headrest.

Just one setback

Using the massage table overtime, I found it as not oil-resistant. I frequently wipe the table top with soap and water after a session and let it dry. I have to wash the table cloth and made additional or extra linen when clients peak so that I have spares.

Over-all assessment

I can say that the Earthlite Avalon XD portable massage table package is really just perfect for me. Since I used this table, my clients started to tip me heavily, and those tips just recuperated my investment on this massage table. Clients like the additional comfort and elegance while lying on this table and feel their bones, muscles and even their smallest nerves go in placed.

I do not have to set up an expensive clinic, my mobile massage service; I felt, could take me anywhere anytime. My clients just keep calling and they are increasing every day, they really like my service. Thanks to this wonderful product!

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