Master Massage Del Ray Massage Table Pro, Sand, 30 Inches X 72 Inches X 24 to 34 Inches Review

This is the massage table that I have always yearned for my massage parlor. It has been more than five years that I am in this business and I never came across such an efficient massage table ever. I believe in serving only the best services to the customers so that they keep coming to my parlor. The massage tables that I have now are definitely of good quality but the Master Massage table is unmatchable. I would say that don’t look at the price if you want a quality product. This massage table is ideal for everyone. However, if you want a table for occasional use then I would suggest you to buy something lower than this price.

This Master Massage table has too many features that are appropriate for professional use. It is not only important to offer good massage to the clients, but also a good table to lie on. Imagine a client having problem to get up on the table or maybe the foam is not soft enough to make the client comfortable! You will basically fail to retain the customer. So, the first important thing to consider is a comforting massage table.

A sturdy massage table with a foldable feature

When I received the product I was a little tensed because I did shed handsome amount of dollars on this product. As a matter of fact, I wanted the massage table to be of good quality as advertised. When I unpacked the box, I was literally relieved. I could see this giant table ready to serve my clients. The white look had a posh appearance. Also, the wood used was of unmatchable quality. None of my previous massage tables are made up of such awesome wood. The moment I sat on the table I could feel that this table will go a long way.

In my five years of experience I can easily say that this table can serve you for years without a single glitch.

The foldable feature has become a must. There are times when we need to shift the tables from one room to the other. The weight of the table is not much (it might be heavy for the ones who are not accustomed to lift tables). You can fold it without any hassle and carry it anywhere you want.

Top five features which I loved the most!

  • Okay, the first thing I loved was the non-skid feature. A client would never feel comfortable if a table keeps on moving. I mean no one would like it. It is rather a shame (that’s what I feel!).
  • Every person has a different height, right? So, it is very important to adjust the height of the massage table as per the height of the client. This particular massage table makes my work really easy. I don’t have to put much effort to adjust the height.
  • I have got a four disc CD set with this massage table. It actually sets up the mood and offers ultimate relaxation to the mind and body. Music has the power to heal everything and it is an add-on to make the clients feel comfortable.
  • The face cradle can be adjusted in seconds. Simply adjust it the way your client wants.
  • The 3 inch thick padding is impressive. The moment you lie down this posh table, you feel like lying all the day! The padding system is not like the other massage tables. It is made up of a different material altogether.

It is oil resistant and waterproof

If it’s a massage table, it has to be oil resistant and waterproof. You can’t waste your time cleaning the leather every time. One wipe should be enough to clean the table. Plus, you can cover the table with a sheet to keep the leather in its best condition (this is what I do).

I recommend this product to all

Without any doubt I will recommend this massage table to everyone. It is one of a kind massage table that actually offers awesome features. Amazon has helped me to get this product and I am sure that if you buy this massage table, you will never repent.

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