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If you want a quality portable massage table at a great bargain then this is the one for you. I was actually recommended by my friend to buy this massage table. She has this table at her home and thankfully I had the opportunity to take a look on the product first. I actually went through all the features before buying it. She told me that she bought this massage table online from Amazon. The retail shops were charging exorbitant price and so, she thought of buying it online.

When I saw the Amazon bill I was pretty shocked. The massage table looks no less than $200, but it was actually less than $110! I was induced to take a massage table for my home by seeing this offer. My parents often complain about their knee problem and back pain. So, I thought that it is a great chance to gift them this awesome massage table. It also suited my budget and I was excited to get this table at the earliest (I did not want to miss the deal).

Created my account and bought the massage table!

To be frank I have never shopped anything from Amazon. The only reason I wanted to buy the table from this site was because of my friend. When I was totally satisfied by the table she bought, I created my account. The account was created in a minute and I quickly typed the exact model number that I wanted. Thankfully the offer was still on. I ordered it and the product reached my place in three days.

My parents were not at home that day. So, I quickly read the manual and kept the warranty card at a secured place. It was really easy to set up the massage table. You don’t require any person to help you out.

Hey! I also ordered 3 packs of essential oil for the massage. Those were really affordable and were almost the same price as the retail shops would charge.

Have all the features as advertised

There is always a fear when you buy things online. There is a feeling of getting duped, but Amazon is definitely a trusted site. It is a proof as even I was a little skeptic initially.

  • It has 2 inch padding foam which is ideal for any massage to be performed. The padding was soft yet sturdy. I mean it was not made up of any cheap material. Good quality foam was used.
  • When my parents entered, they were in a shock. They were happy and at the same time they thought that I spent a humongous amount on this massage table. When I showed them the bill, they were happier (that’s a normal instinct!). I asked my mom to sit on the table but she couldn’t (because of the height). Then I adjusted the height and she could easily sit. I really loved this feature as it is very important to match the table according to the height of the person.
  • It has a weight limit of 450 lbs. I think this weight is enough if you are buying it for personal use. I think even the professionals can use it.
  • Folding the massage table is very easy. You just need to apply a simple trick and your table will get converted to a suitcase! Yes, it literally does! The foldable feature has saved a lot of space of my house. When not in use, I can fold it and keep it in my storeroom.

Any drawbacks?

There is only one drawback that I would like to specify and it is the weight of the massage table. It is 45lbs and it becomes a little bulky to lift it. However with the availability of the shoulder strap, it becomes less bulky.

Other than this, the table is best suited for any person who wants to enjoy the goodness of massage!


I don’t think that weight should be an issue. If you are getting a quality product at such a reasonable price, you should never leave the deal. I will recommend this massage table to everyone. It is comfortable, relaxing and portable at the same time!

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