Master Massage 30″ Coronado Therma Top LX Portable Massage Table Package, Royal Blue Review

Master Massage is the best brand I have ever come across. I have recently opened a massage parlor to relief people from chronic pain. Osteoporosis has become one of the major concerns among people who are above 35 years of age. It is not only important to have medicines, but also to get the right massage and exercise to heal it at the earliest. Well, osteoporosis is just one issue; there so many other problems that people suffer from. Taking this into account I thought that opening a massage parlor will be a lucrative business and will go a long way.

For any massage shop the first priority is to get a massage table. There are varieties of tables available both at the retail and online shops. The only difference is that the online shops offer a reasonable price as compared to retail ones. I know that some are skeptic about online shopping, but there are shops that offer genuine products. I have always preferred Amazon as one of the trusted site. Be it clothes, watches or accessories, I swear by Amazon.

Why did I choose this product?

For me this was the “one of a kind” product. In no way I can compromise with quality. This was my simple calculation. The price might seem a little high for the folks but I am sure that once you get the product you will be on cloud nine.

I definitely trust this brand. Master Massage has always been genuine in supplying its super posh massage tables. The features it offers is unmatchable with any other massage table. The extreme comfort it offers to the clients is appreciable. It has just been two months that I bought this massage table and I would like to say that this has been one of the most comforting table fr the clients!

Elucidating the top features

  • I don’t think that any other massage table will give a lifetime warranty. Master Massage is so sure about its product that it has offered a lifetime warranty!
  • Worried about how strong the table is? Well it is strong enough to hold more than 1500 lbs.! There is no questioning about its sturdiness. Whether you sit, sleep or bang on the table, it will still be at its best.
  • One of the striking features about this massage table is the built-in heat. I have literally fallen in love with this table. The table has a built-in heating system with five different heat settings. It also has an auto-off time as a safety feature. You feel relaxed when the heat takes off all the pain from your body. This massage table will do the magic for all the elderly people who want to get rid of muscle pains.
  • Adjust the face cradle in six different ways. Adjust it according to your comfort level.
  • Master Massage is offering some free accessories with this table. These are the spa music CD, bolster, four pocket carrying case and disposable face pillow covers. The accessories offered are very helpful. You don’t have to buy anything additionally.
  • The table has 3 inch padding system which is pretty good. It is soft enough to make you feel relaxed.

The table is ideal for everyone

The table is meant for both personal and professional use. Considering the awesome features, you should grab this table at once. If you don’t want to visit the spa every weekend then it is best to get one for your home. Whenever you feel free, simply unfold the massage table, switch on the heating system and ask someone to give you a nice massage!

I have never written any review before. This is the first time I am writing a review because it is worth writing! I guess everyone should know how precious this massage table is.


I am cent percent sure that if you get this exclusive massage table, you will never repent. This massage table stands out of the crowd and lets you experience something which is unique.

I will definitely recommend this product to everyone. Let all your burden and stress bid farewell to you. This massage table has been my best buy on Amazon.

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