BestMassage Black 77″ Long 30″ Wide 4″ Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table Review

The portable massage table has literally saved my life. I have been seriously suffering from acute back pain. It has been more than a year that I couldn’t straighten my back. I always stoop down little whenever I am walking or sitting. When I visited the doctor he asked me to do x-ray thinking that there is a possibility of a minor injury at the back. However, I was pretty sure that I never got injured and the problem is something different. After doing the x-ray the doctor couldn’t find anything that could prove that my back was injured.

I was given a lot of medicines but things went futile. I was in depression as even the doctors couldn’t find any solution to this problem. After six months of turmoil the doctor finally said there is a nerve problem that is deterring me to straighten my back. The only solution to this was a regular massage. It was not possible for me to visit massage parlors regularly as it would have drained my wallet. So, I thought that buying a massage table will be profitable and at the same time I don’t have to step out of my home regularly.

Amazon was a big help

I was already instructed not to carry any heavy material that could exacerbate the situation. I thought that it is best to stay at home and order the massage table online. I already appointed a professional massage therapist and asked her to visit my home and help me buy the product. She has been really kind and helped me to buy the right portable massage from Amazon.

The price was below $160 and I was fine with the amount. What mattered to me were the quality and the features. I ordered the massage table and it got delivered within three days. I would say that it was a huge table. You can even have a comfortable nap on this massage table!

77 inches long

A good massage table should have enough space to make a person comfortable. Comfort is the main factor. If you are not in a relaxed state of mind then you won’t enjoy the massage. This massage table is one of the best tables I have seen on Amazon.

Around 3-4 inch padding

It is not just the length of the table that does the magic but also the padding. Imagine lying on a thin padded table. Of course, you will feel uncomfortable; rather it will hurt your body. A minimum of 2 inch padding is required to offer you a comfortable experience. This portable massage table has an excellent padding system and is made up of high quality material.

The height can be adjusted

A massage table should always have this feature. You can’t struggle to get on the table. Adjustable height helps you to get on the table with an ease. A person like me with a back problem would never want to struggle to get on the massage table.

It can be folded

The BestMassage massage table can be easily folded without any problem. You can also keep the accessories underneath the table. This saves space and doesn’t let you lose anything. Although it is portable, the massage table is quite heavy. This is the only drawback I have found. You can definitely take it from one room to the other but not on a regular basis. You will feel the extreme pressure on your arms and back.

Did I get a relief?

Without any doubt my answer is yes. It has been two months that I am regularly taking the massage and there is a considerable amount of improvement. The intense pain I had reduced to a great extent. I can walk without the help of any support. The massage table has helped me a lot to get back to my normal life.


I will recommend this product to every individual who wants to recuperate from illness. Simply call a massage expert at your home and get the massage done. I am sure that you will see a difference. All your pain and worries will be over!

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