The NORLANYA head massager is one of the best models out there. This helmet offers 4 massage programs, and it provides a very pleasant massage experience.

One of the advantages of using this head massager is that you can use it at any time you want, even if you work on the computer or do chores around the house. The helmet comes with adjustable straps, so you can fit it to your head.

The massage programs the NORLANYA offers are very good, and you can adjust their intensity using the remote control. Every adjustment you make is indicated on the remote’s display.

All in all, this is one of the best portable head massager models currently available on the market.

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The Breo iScalp is a very good handheld head massager. This unit is small and compact, and it offers a good mix of features.

One of the advantages of using this head massager is that it comes with an adjustable speed setting. This will allow you to change the speed depending on your mood and the massage’s purpose.

Another advantage is that the Breo massager is versatile. Even though it’s advertised as a scalp massager, you can use it on your neck and shoulders with good results.

Overall, this is a very good model, and it’s well worth its price.

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The FITTOP scalp massager has an interesting design and comes with a charging station. This unit uses 4 massage heads to provide a very comfortable massage experience.

One of the advantages of using this model is that it’s really silent. This will allow you to use the massager in an office environment, or while you’re engaged in chores around the house.

The massager has an ergonomic design that will follow the contour of your dead and provide a good massage. You can either select the lowest speed for a relaxing experience or the higher one for a more thorough massage.

All in all, this is a very good head massager.

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The IREALIST scalp massager is a cordless unit that provides a very enjoyable massage. This unit was specially designed to stimulate your blood circulation and relax your muscles.

The best thing about using this head massager is that it’s very small and compact. This will allow you to take the massager anywhere you go, and you can even pack it in a small purse or a backpack.

This scalp massager is waterproof, so you can also use it while you’re in the shower.

Overall, this is a good product.

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  • ETTGS Handheld Scalp Massager
  • PRICE $$
  • Size: 3.66 x 3.66 x 4.88 inches
  • Massage Programs: 1
  • Weight: 0.68 lbs
  • Voltage: Battery Operated
  • Massager Type: Handheld

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  • Naipo & Breo Scalp Massager Portable Head Massage
  • PRICE $$
  • Size: 3.6 x 3.6 x 4.8 inches
  • Massage Programs: 2
  • Weight: 0.68 lbs
  • Voltage: Battery Operated
  • Massager Type: Handheld

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  • Stpollar Handheld Electric Head Scalp Deep Percussion Self Massager
  • PRICE $
  • Size: 8.66 x 9.05 x 9.21 inches
  • Massage Programs: 2
  • Weight: 1.60 lbs
  • Voltage: Battery Operated
  • Massager Type: Handheld

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  • Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush
  • PRICE $
  • Size: 5.5 x 8.8 x 3.5 inches
  • Massage Programs: 1
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • Voltage: Battery Operated
  • Massager Type: Handheld

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The ETTGS scalp massager has a good ergonomic design. The unit comes with 4 massage attachments, and it provides a comfortable massage experience.

One of the advantages of using this model is that it’s really versatile. Sure, you can use the massager for your head muscles, but you can also use it for different parts of the body.

Thanks to the massage attachments’ ability to change their direction, this unit is actually pretty good at relieving muscle knots.

The bottom line is, the ETTGS head massager is a good versatile model that comes at a reasonable price.

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The Naipo scalp massager is a compact unit that delivers quite a punch. Despite its small size, the head massager offers a very good massage experience.

Apart from the high-quality massage heads it uses, this unit also comes with a set of scrubbing brushes. These brushes are specially designed to help exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead skin cells from your pores. Using the brushes with regularity will improve the aspect of your face.

This head massager has a really low maintenance, and it’s pretty durable.

The Naipo scalp massager is a good model that comes at a decent price.

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The Stpollar head massager uses no less than 126 massage nodes to provide a comfortable massage experience. The unit’s ergonomic design makes it very easy to use, and you can adjust its position using only one hand.

There are 126 needle-like massage nodes used to stimulate your muscles and blood circulation. The advantage of this unit’s design is that it allows you to move the massager over your scalp without getting it tangled in your hair.

This head massager can produce up to 100 vibrations every second, so it will do a great job at relaxing your muscles and stimulating your blood circulation.

All in all, this is a good model that comes at a cheap price.

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The Vitagoods scalp massager has a small and interesting design. This massager looks like a hairbrush, and you can even use it for that purpose if you’re in a hurry or if you want to massage your scalp while brushing your hair.

This head massager is small, and it will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Apply shampoo on the massager’s rubber tips and move them over your scalp, as close as you can to the hairs’ roots. This will improve your blood circulation and help you control dandruff.

The Vitagoods massager is a good model, especially if you consider its low price.

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A head massager is an electronic device that’s specially designed to stimulate your scalp and head muscles. These devices can either be handheld or they can have a special design, similar to a helmet.

Most head massagers are designed to massage your head muscles without pulling your hair. This is why they look different than other types of handheld massagers. Most of them will also use massage attachment made out of rubber or silicone, so they won’t charge your hair with static electricity.

These units are usually lightweight, and they’re cordless. This makes them both versatile and portable, and you can use them whenever and wherever you please. They either run on built-in rechargeable batteries, or on normal ones.


You might be wondering if head massagers really have an effect on your health.

Well, as a matter of fact, head massagers work so well, some people are actually surprised with the results, even though they were expecting them.

At the moment, researchers consider that more than 3 out of 5 migraines are determined by muscle tension, not by anything else. A head massager stimulates your muscles and relieves them of the tension they accumulate during the day. Since your muscles will feel more relaxed, you will experience fewer tension headaches and migraines.

By stimulating your muscles, head massagers also improve your local blood circulation. The improved influx of blood will bring more oxygen and more nutrients to your head, so your hair follicles will be healthier.


Finding a good electric head massager can be tricky sometimes. There are a lot of models available on the market, and all of them are advertised as being the best. We decided to prepare this comprehensive buying guide to help you decide on which model is the best one for your needs.


There are many head massager models available, and all of them offer different features. Let’s take a look at what these features do, and how they could benefit you.

  1. MASSAGE TECHNIQUES Each type of massage technique offers different benefits, so it’s very useful to know which one could help you more before deciding on a model.
    • Kneading – The kneading massage technique involves different movements that compress your soft tissues, such as the skin and muscles, against one another or against the bone structures underneath them.
      The kneading massage technique is very helpful, and it can aid with pain relief, increase your muscles’ flexibility, and relieve the knots in your muscles.
      This is a pretty common massage technique among head massagers, but the massage helmets perform it better than the handheld models.
    • Percussion – The percussion massage technique involves rapid sequences of movements that hit your muscles.
      This massage technique is used by multiple head massagers, and it’s very effective at stimulating both your skin and muscles. This will stimulate the local blood circulation, and it will improve your muscles’ reflexes.
    • Tapping – The tapping massage technique involves the tapping of your muscles.
      The tapping movement increases your local body temperature and stimulates your muscles. This is a very helpful massage technique for those who suffer from muscle knots and tension headaches.
    • Vibration – Even though the vibration massage technique is very popular, you won’t find it in many head or scalp massagers.
      However, there are some models that offer it. These models are mostly those that have a helmet design.
      The vibration massage technique can be very helpful for people who are looking for a relaxing massage or for those who suffer from muscle pain and aches.
      Using a vibrating head massager stimulates your blood circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. It can also have an invigorating effect, warming up your muscles and giving you a head start at facing the new day.
  2. HEAT THERAPY Heat therapy is very popular among electric massager users. However, not very many portable head massagers models offer it.
    You can still find the heat therapy in head and scalp massagers that have a helmet design.
    The heat therapy is very effective at relaxing your muscles. This therapy offers one of the best ways to get rid of tension headaches, and it’s also very good at promoting relaxation.
    When your muscles are warmed up, they relax and more blood can reach them. Not only will the blood carry more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, but it will also carry away more of the toxins they produce, such as the lactic acid. This will make your muscles relax, and it will improve your mood and reduce your headaches.
  3. DESIGN The design of the head massager plays a very important role, and it determines how good the unit can be, and how easy it is to use it.
    • Helmet Design – Some of the best massagers on the market have a helmet design, and here’s why.
      • Pros – The helmet design allows the manufacturer the possibility to implement more features. Unlike handheld scalp head massager models, helmets offer a lot of real estates the manufacturer can use to your mutual advantage. The helmet has to be large enough to fit your head, so it’s pretty easy to implement features on each surface that touches your head.
        Units that have a helmet design are very effective because they can mix things up. They usually offer more massage techniques and programs than handheld models, and they can still be comfortable.
      • Cons – However, the helmet design has some drawbacks as well. They can be a little heavy, so some people might not consider them very comfortable. Besides the weight, they are designed to fit most people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be comfortable for everyone. Some people might find them too tight, others might find them too loose, even if they adjust their straps.
        Sure, massage helmets are portable, but who are actually considering using one outside of their home? Walking down the street or showing up for work wearing such a helmet will certainly attract attention, and it might even make you look goofy.
    • Handheld Design – Units that have a handheld design are some of the most popular models on the market. Here’s why.
      • Pros – One of the main advantages of using a handheld model is that the unit is small and compact. This will not only make it easy to use, but it will also make it versatile and portable.
        Unlike a massage helmet, a handheld unit is really a portable head massager. These units are usually small enough to fit in a purse or in a backpack, and you can take them everywhere with you.
        Sure, you might not want to use it while you’re using the public transportation system, but you can definitely use it while you’re at work. Handheld massagers are also very comfortable to use. Most of them have designs that won’t tangle your hair, so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises. They have ergonomic designs that allow you to control them with ease, and some of them can offer pretty strong massages, despite their sizes.
      • Cons – These models have some drawback as well. The first thing you’ll notice about these massagers is that they offer fewer features and programs than the helmet models. This happens because the units themselves are smaller, so the manufacturer doesn’t have enough space to implement many features.
        Other disadvantages include but are not limited to the facts that some of them don’t offer adjustable settings and that they have a limited durability and longevity.
  4. POWER SOURCE The massager’s power source can affect many of its aspects, including portability, durability, and ease of use.
    • Built-in Battery – Units that come with built-in batteries are some of the most user-friendly models out there. The built-in batteries are rechargeable, and you can recharge them by either connecting them to a power outlet or to an USB-compatible device, such as a laptop or a car adapter.
      One of the advantages of built-in batteries is that they’re rechargeable, so they will offer the massager a low operating cost.
      Another advantage is that they’re usually well sealed against the outside world. This can really be an advantage if you’re planning to use the scalp massager while you’re taking a shower or when your hair is wet.
    • Mixed Power Source – A few portable head massagers come with not one, but two power sources. You can choose to either use the built-in battery or use normal batteries instead.
      This is a very good feature, and it offers the best of both worlds. You can recharge the unit by connecting it to a power source, and you can change the batteries if they run out and you’re not able to charge them at the moment.
    • Battery Operated – The main advantage of using a battery operated head massager is that you don’t have to worry about charging your unit. Once the unit starts losing power, you can simply change the batteries and it will work as well as a new unit.
      The main disadvantage of using this type of power source is that it’s expensive. Buying AA or AAA batteries is way more expensive than the power a rechargeable unit would consume while charging. Of course, this can prove to be a big problem for people who intend to use the head massager frequently.
      Some models provide 90 minutes of massages for every battery set. That means you’ll have to buy a new set of batteries every week if you plan on using the massager for up to 20 minutes each day. That could turn out to be very expensive.
  5. MASSAGE ATTACHMENTS All scalp and head massagers use massage attachments to provide a comfortable massage experience. Some models come with changeable attachments while others come with fixed ones. Let’s take a look at how these attachments can change your massage sessions.
    • Hairbrush Design – As you could probably guess, the massage attachments or massagers that have a hairbrush design should help with your hair and scalp health. Here’s how they workOne of the ways a massager with a hairbrush design can help is by stimulating your blood circulation. The increased blood flow will bring more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, improving their health and making them more resistant. Thanks to the larger amount of resources they have at their disposal, you will lose less hair, and the one you still have will look better.
      Another way these units can help is by helping you direct your hair oil or shampoo closer to the hair roots. To do this, you can simply apply any type of hair product you like to use on the brushes’ tips, and then move the brush over your scalp, as close as possible to the hair roots. Not only will this place the shampoo closer to the roots, but the massage function will also stimulate your circulation, enhancing the shampoo’s effect.
    • Multiple Massage Points Design – This is another popular design and it involves multiple needle-like points that are spread out over the massager’s surface. This type of design is very helpful for your scalp, but it’s not very effective at relaxing your head muscles.
      The main advantage of using these head massagers is that they will improve your local blood circulation. This is a very good effect, and if you use the massagers constantly, you might improve your scalps’ aspect. This can lead to an improvement of your hairs’ aspect as well.
    • Classic 4 Massage Attachments Design – This is the most popular design employed by the manufacturers, and one of the reasons they choose this model over others is that it’s very effective.
      One of the main advantages this design offers is its versatility. There are only four massage attachments, so they might seem like they won’t do much at a first glance. But that’s far from the truth.
      Every massage attachment is made out of 7 massage nodes, and each node ends up in 4 different points. This means that a total of 28 individual points will massage your body at any given time. Much better than only 4, right?
      Another advantage is that every massage attachment can move on its own accord. You can point each of the 4 main attachment anywhere you want. You can either point them in separate directions, or you can point them towards the same muscle or group of muscles and have them massaged from different angles. This can be a very pleasurable and relaxing experience.
      These massage attachments are usually made out of rubber or silicone, so they won’t charge your hair with negative electricity. This will also keep them from getting your hair tangled and offer some degree of water resistance.
    • Scrub Brushes – Some models, usually those that come with a 4 attachment head design, also come with interchangeable scrub brushes. The brushes are supposed to scrub your face, but you can actually use them for any part of your body in need of exfoliation.
      One of the advantages of using the scrub brushes is that they will remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your face, cleaning your pores. This will improve your skin’s aspect for the better.
      When you use the scrub brushes to clean your face, they will also stimulate your blood circulation and the collagen production. This will make your skin look better, and if you use them constantly, it can also lead to an increase in the skin’s elasticity, thanks to the collagen surplus.


Using a head massager offers multiple benefits.

  • Reduces Stress – Using a head massager is a very enjoyable activity, and it can lower your stress levels. This can lead to the improvement of others aspects of your life, including but not limited to your workplace productivity and anxiety levels
  • Improves Sleep – Head massage therapy is believed to treat insomnia. Thanks to their relaxing effects, having massages constantly can improve your sleep patterns
  • Reduces Migraine Frequency And Intensity – Head massages can reduce the frequency of migraines and headaches. Scientists consider that more than 3 out of 5 headaches and migraines are determined by tense muscles. Head massages can relax your muscles and relieve their tension, reducing the frequency of your headaches and migraines.
    Some scientists consider that massage therapy can be a good replacement for pills when it comes to headaches and migraines.
  • Helps With Dandruff – Constantly massaging your head can lead to a better spread of your scalp’s natural oils across your hair follicles. This can help with dandruff because it will moisturize your hair naturally.
  • Improves Hair Aspect – Massaging your scalp can lead to a better-looking hair. Head and scalp massages improve your blood circulation and help spread the oil produced by your scalp across the hair’s surface. This can lead to a better-looking hair.


Using a head massager can stimulate your hair growth in several ways.

  • Stimulates The Blood Circulation – When you’re having a head massage, your muscles are stimulated and warmed up. This brings an increased amount of flood to them. The blood brings more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, and it takes away more toxins that accumulate during the day. This will allow your hair follicles to grow stronger and more resistant.
  • Spreads The Natural Oil – Having a head massage can lead to a better spread of the oil your scalp produces. This oil spreads on the surface of each hair, making it more resistant. This means you won’t get split hairs as often as you did before, and your hair will also look healthier.
  • Can Make Your Hair Thicker – Due to the fact that a head massage delivers more nutrients to your hair follicles, your hair might actually grow thicker than it used to because it has access to more food.


  1. Read The Instructions Manual – Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start using a new product
  2. Sit Somewhere You Feel Comfortable
  3. Start Small – Starting at the lowest intensity, move the head massager across your scalp, starting from the front of your head and moving backward.
  4. Change The Intensity – You can change to a higher intensity if you feel comfortable with it.
  5. Use Products – If your head massager is compatible with oils, use them
  6. Use The Massager In The Shower – Some head massagers are waterproof, some are water-resistant, while others are not water resistant. Always make sure your product can be used in wet conditions before trying to use it in the shower.
  7. Use Products – Apply shampoo and/or hair oils while you’re massaging your scalp. You can apply a small amount of shampoo or oil on the tips of the head massager and spread it as close as you can to the roots of your hair.

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